How to choose the best online casino

If you’ve ever played at an online casino, you will have noticed that they are plentiful. Choosing the correct one might feel like an intimidating task. It is of utmost importance that you understand the terms and what they mean. If you get this under your belt it will surely save you a lot of time and money. After you’ve read this article, you will have the knowledge to evaluate online casinos which in turn will enable you to make smart choices. So, let’s get going.


There are 3 types of online casino – Instant play, mobile and download casinos. But most online casinos will offer you all three options.

Instant play casinos vs download casinos

Instant play casinos enables you to play online, whereas download-based casinos requires you to download software in order to play which means that you will not need internet to enjoy playing your favourite game.

Mobile casinos

As you know, smartphones and tablets have become the most used gadget in recent years and because of this, online casinos started offering their games on mobile platforms. It is convenient and you will be able to play anywhere and at any time.


If you book a hotel, you read the reviews, right? The same rule applies when choosing an online casino. There are many websites that share this information. You will be able to read customer complaints and compliments such as support responsiveness and banking speed.


Once you’ve confidently decided on your online casino of choice, you need to read the terms and conditions. This is by far the most important task. If you ignore the fine print, you might end up disappointed when pay-out time arrives. On the other hand, the information that you will gather when understanding the terms and condition can make you save lots of time and money and will better your chances of winning more. The three most important things to look out for are the wagering requirements, cash-out periods and withdrawal limits.

Wagering requirements

Example: If you are given a $20 casino bonus with a 10 x wagering requirement, you will need to spend $200 on specific games before you will be able to withdraw any winnings.

Some casinos offer better wagering requirements than others so it is very important to know what you will need to spend before you can withdraw your winnings.

Cash-out periods

If you are on a roll and feel like it’s your lucky day, the last thing you want is to struggle with pay-outs. There are some online casinos that offer you fast and easy cash-outs, withdrawal and deposit methods. You also need to make sure that the online casino offers 24/7 email and telephone support and that they use safe and secure software and banking. As in any industry some online casinos offer better services than others, so be clever and choose a reputable casino to play at.

Withdrawal limits

So you’ve had a good day and would like to withdraw you cash. Now what? Most online casinos have restrictions on withdrawals. It will either be ‘Amount Limit’, ‘Time Limit’ or a combination of both.

An Amount Limit is the limit you can withdraw in one go. So a online casino can limit you to a withdrawal of $5000 at a time.

A Time Limit is based on the amount of withdrawals players can make in a specific time frame. So the online casino might restrict you to making only one withdrawal per week.

Many online casinos set up limits that combine both. So you will be able to withdraw $5000, once a week.


Ok, so now you know everything about the restrictions and terms and conditions but you also need to know about the fabulous freebies that is up for grabs. The industry is becoming increasingly competitive and because of this, online casinos offer more and more promotions daily to get you to try them out.

No deposit bonus

This is by far the most popular bonus. When you sign up at a online casino they will most likely offer you free spins or free cash. This is a fantastic way to see if you like the online casino and it will also give the opportunity to try out new games.

Loyalty bonus

Once you’ve found your feet and have been playing at one casino for some time, you will qualify for loyalty bonuses. Online casinos don’t advertise this because they are only offered to loyal customers. The bonuses are pretty decent and the payouts are generally very good.

Daily bonuses

A bonus for every day of the week. Yes, really. One casino might offer a ladies or gents night every Wednesday and a other casino might offer a tournament every Friday. There are usually loads of freebies so there is no reason for you not to cash in on these fantastic promotions. Who knows? You might just take home some impressive wins.